John Young BJourn (HDE), Hist Hons

John Young is a writer and researcher with a wide range of published work in fields as diverse as business and investment, renewable energy, history and sport. With a degree in Journalism, a first-class History Honours qualification and a teaching diploma, John is well suited to the roles of trainer and mentor. He regularly does in-depth research, either for his own books or articles or on assignment, and is proficient in editing and proof-reading.

John went to school in Port Elizabeth. In 2006 he wrote and project-managed a history of his old school on the occasion of Grey High School’s 150th anniversary, The Spirit of the Tower. After obtaining a BJourn and a teaching diploma at Rhodes University, John started teaching at Milnerton High School in Cape Town. The publication of his University of Cape Town honours thesis, Observatory, A Town in the Suburbs, inspired him to take up writing full-time. Books on the history of Langa Cricket Club and publishing house Juta followed. As a freelance writer John supplied copy to many South African newspapers and magazines in India, Britain and Australia.

Topics ranged from elections in the South American country of Guyana (Mail & Guardian) and the politics of rugby in South Africa (Inside Sport, Australia) to travel stories about Italy and the West Indies (Sunday Times, South Africa). John also wrote extensively for SA Cricket Action magazine and contributed cricket articles to the Observer and Sunday Times (UK) and the Hindustan Times, India.

Since 2008 John has focussed strongly on writing about business and investment in South Africa and Africa. For Global Africa Network, he every year produced a set of books on the economy of each province in South Africa and, for three years, a book called South African Business. He was also the author and editor of TradeInvest Nigeria and wrote the bulk of the text for two further books on Nigerian states, Lagos and Kwara.

A particular interest in recent times has been renewable energy and the Green Economy. John travelled to Denmark in 2013 as part of a Southern African water delegation and will undergo a similar trip in 2014 to study the broader aspects of the Green Economy.

John has worked as a trainer and mentor, particularly in Langa township. He was for 12 years the principal and director of the Cwesi Adult Learning Centre, or night school, that operates on the premises of Wynberg Boys’ High School. For ten years he coached cricket with Bob Woolmer during holiday coaching courses, and also acted as Bob’s administrative assistant.